January 2021

Our January meeting featured a presentation titled "Streptocarpus, Sinningias and Algae" by Dale Martens, a renowned grower and hybridizer of Streptocarpus and other gesneriads.  Dale (shown holding Streptocarpus "Dale's Smurf Party") provided us with great tips about growing, fertilizers, pest control and kindly answered questions after her presentation.  We were very pleased to welcome members of La Société des Saintpaulias de Montréal, the Toronto African Violet and Gesneriad Society, the Greater Ottawa Water Garden Horticultural Society and some local plant lovers to the meeting.


November 2020

Growing Miniature and Semi-Miniature Violets - photos of plants grown by our members


November 2016

Underwater arrangement for Christmas by Sandy Black


October 2016


September 2016


April 2016

Guest Speaker, Mel Grice

'Sharing my Methods of Propagating Gesneriads'


November 2011

Members Plant Sale

Growing Groups


October 2011

Special Guest, Paul Kroll

Growing Groups


September 2011

Growing Groups


Annual Picnic & Awards Show 2010

Top Generation Club, Ramsayville, ON


Christmas Luncheon 2010

Capone's Restaurant