Open House event - May 5, 2024





We had a wonderful time welcoming African Violet and Gesneriad growing friends to our 2024 Open House. A fun afternoon was spent with plant lovers from across the Ottawa area. Here are a few photos of the event. Many thanks to our members and our visitors who made it a success.


What's Growing


One of our OAVS members experimented with repotting a plant of "Alsobia Dianthiflora". Alsobias are members of the Gesneriad family, which African Violets also belong to. Alsobias are native to Central and  South America.


Alsobia Dianthiflora is described as: 'a white flower with small pink dots, which looks like the cultivar Alsobia Cygnet. It is a creeping compact plant that forms runners at the base of the plant."


For more information on Alsobias, check out the Gesneriad Reference Web at: .


The top photo shows the repotted plant in March 2023. The photo below shows its progress in June 2023. Our member can't wait to see flowers!

      Photos by D. Pagé

Yesterday's Evidence - Ph: F. Pilon ©
Yesterday's Evidence - Ph: F. Pilon ©


On the following pages, we present to you a few examples among the many varieties of African violets that exist. More than 50 000 varieties registered with the African Violet Society of America. Micros not exceeding 2 inch diameter, broad standards that may exceed 20 inch diameter. You'll also see trailing varieties and Saintpaulia Species. These plants, totally unknown to the general public will surely fascinate you.


You will also discover some other plants of the same family Gesneriaceae.